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Series: Spirit Works


As Jesus  was preparing His disciples for His immanent departure, He promised that He would not abandon them, but that He would pray to the Father, and that the Father would send them another Comforter. The word “comforter,” in Greek, means one called alongside to help, and the word “another” means another of the same kind. The father would send them the Comforter, who would be just like Jesus.

This message will help us to understand the work of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit,  in our life as our Helper, our Counselor, and our Advocate.


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Series: Spirit Worksspiritworks.png


Have ever felt like you didn’t know where you were going in life? Were ever unsure about what choices to make? If you sometimes make decisions that you afterwards regret, the good news is that we have been given our own personal guide to lead us through life.


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