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Series: Sing Your Way to Victory


Happiness has been described to be as necessary as health, more elusive than success, and harder to define than love.

Happiness comes from a root word which literally means “chance” -so it speaks of trusting to luck that something good will happen. That is why happiness is so elusive, people chase it but rarely find, and when they do it is fleeting at best, because something happens and that feeling is lost. So is true and lasting happiness really possible? And how is found? David answers that question in Psalm 16.

Psalm 16 is called a Psalm of delight. David uses the words "delight," "pleasant," "glad," and "joy" repeatedly. It is obvious that David had come to place of delighting in His life.  What was his secret? As we look closely at David’s words in this Psalm, they reveal to us the secret of being delighted with life.


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Series: Sing Your Way to VictoryPsalm.png


Rubber bands are fascinating-they have incredible elasticity that enables them to stretch far beyond their original size when pressure is applied, and when released they have the capacity to instantly return to their initial size and shape. But even a rubber band can break, when it is stretched beyond its limit. Everything has a breaking point, no matter how flexible or resilient it maybe. And even humans have breaking points, when the pressures of life intensify, there are times that it seems to stretch us to our limits, to our breaking point.

Psalm 6 describes a time in David’s life where he felt as though he had come to his breaking point. But though this Psalm may have started in the depths of despair, that is not where it ends. At his breaking point, David cried out to God, and by the time he is finished, He had great confidence that God had heard his cry and that the victory was imminent. As we look at David’s prayer, may it help us learn how to move from breaking point to breakthrough.


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