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Living a Life God Prospers

Series: A Prosperous LifeProsper.gif


God made repeated promises to prosper his people.  However, we often want to claim God’s promises with no regard for how we are living, or if we are living in obedience to His will.  The fact is that God’s promises are conditional. There is an “If...then” formula to every promise of God: ”if you will do this, then I will bless you and I will prosper you....”  The “if” generally involves not just a momentary act of obedience, but a lifestyle that obeys and pleases God.

Today, as we consider this passage, it teaches us 3 essentials of living a life that God prospers.


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Series:  A Prosperous Life

God promises prosperity to His people, but with every promise there is a condition.  These verses reveal the conditions: God prospers those who are serving Him in careful obedience to all that He has commanded.  That’s not perfection, but it is a delighting in His law, a desire to obey and please Him.  If we are doing that, we can claim His promises of prosperity, realizing as we see in 3 John 2 and elsewhere prosperity is not merely financial.  God’s desire for His people is to prosper in every area of life: spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.  The word prosper means to excel in all areas of life, to advance, to make progress.  It means to thrive, succeed, or do well. In Hebrew it literally means "to have a pleasant fulfilling journey.” God will is for us to prosper no matter how tough the times may be, as we see how God blessed his people through Joseph even when the region was experiencing one of the most dire economic crises of the time.

I pray that as we study this principle of Scripture, it will encourage our faith in an unshakable God, and call us to a deeper obedience to God’s unshakable Word.


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Series:  Totally Committedcommitted.gif


Paul tells us in Titus 2:14 - we should be “zealous of good works.”  To be zealous describes one of the strongest emotions.  Zeal is an intense emotion which compels to actions.  When you are zealous for something, it manifests in energetic, and unwavering pursuit or devotion to a cause.  That is why some versions translate this word “zelotes” as “fully committed.”  We are to be fervently pursuing or fully committed to good works.

The example of Jesus teaches us what it means to be zealous of good works.  He shows us what that looks like.  He demonstrates that it means we must preach zealously, pray zealously and give zealously.


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The Lessons of Grace

Series:  Totally Committed committed.gif


Grace is the agent of our salvation, and is the means by which every blessing of God is made available to us. Grace is the free gift of God, unearned and undeserved.    But grace is also often abused and misunderstood.  It is taken by some as a free pass to coast into heaven, a license to live as we please.  Grace is not only the agent of our salvation, it is also our teacher to provide instruction for life.  Grace not only redeems us from what we have done, but it teaches us what to do.  It teaches us to live a life that is fully committed, zealous for Christ and His purpose.  Today, as we consider this passage of Scripture, we learn 4 very significant lessons about grace.


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